Truetzschler GmbH

Trützschler is a family owned globally operating company group with production facilities and service branches in all large textile centers.

The Trützschler Group is active in three different areas: It provides machines for spinning preparation and the nonwovens industry.

Spinning mills around the world use Trützschler ma­chine technology for opening, blending, cleaning, carding and drawing of cotton and man-made fibres. The result is a perfect sliver, consisting of clean, evenly aligned fibers. Precisely this process – between harvesting the natural resource and spinning the yarn – forms the basis for the quality of all subsequent processing steps.

 Truetzschler Card Clothing

Trützschler Card Clothing is part of the worldwide network of the Trützschler Group. Trützschler itself is the No. 1 in the field of card technology and has about 2,000 employees worldwide. Erko Trützschler and Fleissner are well-known names for nonwoven technologies.

Trützschler Card Clothing has successfully manufactured card clothing for high production cards for many years. Decades of experience in carding technology make us a business partner in demand wherever textile raw materials are processed.

Saurer Twisting Solutions>

With intelligent and economical solutions Saurer Twisting Solutions regularly defines the benchmarks for twisting and cabling machines for tire cord, carpet, staple fibre, glass filament and industrial yarns.

Oerlikon Saurer

Oerlikon Saurer is the worldwide market leader for twisting and embroidery production systems. Here, extensive experience accumulated over many generations is combined with modern knowledge to help shape the future of textile production. In this unit, age-old textile traditions meet state-of-the-art technology in a symbiosis of expertise, quality and safety.

Peass Industrial Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 1962, Peass Industrial Engineers Pvt. Ltd. started as a machinery manufacturing company with products specifically targeted to the textile industry. The company now offers its customers a wide range of machines. The manufacturing Plant was started at Navsari in South Gujarat, a couple of miles away from Surat – one of the largest textile manufacturing zone in India.


Presence from development to production at over 300 customers, constructors, car component suppliers and sub-contractors in a wide range of markets such as the automobile industry, the aeronautical industry, railways, building electricity/electronics, cooking, medical, agriculture or even textile.


As a quality spinner, you have automatic equipment with a competitive edge in efficiency. High-quality paper cones will enhance your return on investment. Allow us to prove that superior paper cones can give you up to 5 % better production rates over second-quality paper cones on automatic equipment. Faultless unwinding guaranteed – every time. Only Conitex Sonoco paper cones will support the hard work needed to create 100 % customer satisfaction.


Safety through technology: Minimax has been one of the leading companies in fire protection for more than 100 years now. In Textile and spinning industries, in wood processing, power stations, industrial kitchens, server rooms and ships, at wind energy converters, printing machinery, paint spraying plant - wherever there is a fire risk, Minimax is there, protecting people, machines, buildings and the environment.