Welcome to Euro Group. Our objective is to give a wide range of visitors an insight into the Group's history, philosophy and spread of activities. We hope that you will find it informative and useful.

At EURO GROUP we have succeeded in keeping our commitments which is the main VISION of our company. We never ran and will never run for the volume of business and turnover figures; but like always we want to cater the highest quality of business, which paid all always in the long run. We believe that a name takes years to earn, but only few days to lose.

Our mission is to set ourselves as the benchmark in every sector of our operations, be it small or big. We always want to exceed our own standard by embracing the newer technologies and facing the newer challenges set by ourselves. We do not compete others, we compete ourselves. We will never let our "passion for excellence" die as that is indeed the driving force of our group.

The Company has fully prepared itself for the future and is looking eagerly for a big leap in the coming years to establish itself as the leader in spinning machines and food sector in Bangladesh and other prospects.

I sincerely thank you for your support and faith in the company and assure you of our endeavor to deliver the best projects to the people of our country and exceptional value for price.



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